September 4, 2018
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Scuba Diving In Vietnam

The list of adventure sports in Vietnam would not be complete without including skin diving, mountain biking, caving and trekking. This list of adventure sports are actually the primary reason for many enthusiasts to visit Vietnam in the first place. However, the one sport most popular of all is scuba diving.

Where to Scuba Dive In Vietnam

Happy girl with a mask floating in the azure tropical sea

Happy girl with a mask floating in the azure tropical sea

Vietnam’s massive 3,260km coastline provides countless diving opportunities for both diving beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Famed for its warm clear water and absence of large killer sharks it is the perfect location for viewing this amazing underwater wonderland of the East Vietnam Sea.

In terms of the actual number of divers Nha Trang is the most popular destination for scuba diving. Here is where you will find over 12,000 hectares of reef filled water making up the Hon Mu Marine Protected Area. The shallow waters here make this an ideal spot not only for the novice to dive but for the experienced divers as well. It boasts an extraordinarily wide range of colorful tropical fish swimming around and through the numerous varieties of beautiful coral reefs.

Dive sights in Nha Trang Bay

A tourist snorkeling in the beautiful coral reef with lots of fish

A tourist snorkeling in the beautiful coral reef with lots of fish

Moray Beach is a popular dive site because of the many different sea life species such as moray eels, for which the spot is named, lion fish, nudibranch, sea horses, flying gurnard and clown fish just to name a few of the colorful tropical fish found here.

In addition to the clean clear water the vast coral reefs makes this a favorite spot for underwater photographers. They love to venture into the large challenging cave, called Moray Cave, to take their amazing photographs. A truly challenging spot filled with a plethora of beautiful sea life while providing both adventure and excitement for both the beginners and experts alike.

Madonna Rock is a fun filled underwater playground featuring an incredible natural architecture of tunnels and caves at various depths amongst the underwater cliffs and rocks. It is full of nooks and caverns hiding an endless variety of tropical fish. Hard and soft coral fill the area making a home for millions of tiny glass fish, ornate ghost fish, up to the bigger unicorn fish, surgeon fish, cobra rays and octopus just to name a few. This popular spot got its name due to two large triangular shaped rocks which come together in a manner that reminds divers of rock star diva, Madonna when they first see them.

Electric Nose, named for a massive pinnacle that rises off the bottom from a depth of 50m to just below the surface. Thickly covered with massive amounts of soft coral it results in a rich and entertaining macro life which is most entertaining to divers due to the diversity of sea life found here at this most popular of all the Nha Trang diving locations.

Dive sites in Hoi An

Cham Island in Hoi An ancient town

Cham Island in Hoi An ancient town

Hon Nhan, at 40m deep, is a great place to dive near Hoi An. A fabulous dive site where you’ll see thousands of nudibranchs scattered all over the sea bed as far as you can see. This picture combined with large schools of fish creating magnificent patterns and making it an incredible diving experience. A vast high rise coral skyline, you will also be able to see hundreds of pipe fish, sea horses, barracudas, trigger fish and ribbon eels. This is a challenging diving spot with impressive rock formations, drop-offs and caverns a real challenge for all the experienced divers as well. With such a top notch diving spot like Hon Nhan, you’ll be satisfied for sure when you travel to Hoi An.

Ho Mo, is another popular diving spot near Hoi An, that is full of hard and soft coral. It ranges in depth from 4-35 meters below the surface which is a perfect depth for divers of all levels of experience. And due to the vast range of corals found here expect to see this reflected in the abundant sea life as well. You will relish in the trump fish, clown fish and sea horses that populate the ocean floor.

Phu Quoc Island

Discover the underwater world of diving on Phu Quoc Island

Discover the underwater world of diving on Phu Quoc Island

Due to the massive run-off of water from the Mekong Delta the visibility around Phu Quoc Island is not as clear as most of the rest of the East Vietnam Sea. However, this run-off produces healthy water which produces prolific amounts of hard coral growth on the ocean’s bottom and a very abundant fish and sea life.

Hon Kho is home to a breathtaking reef system beneath the surface of the waves so that a dive here reveals many miter shells, nudibranchs, cat fish, Rays and bamboo sharks. Here you will also find parrot fish and butterflyfish that flock to feed on this abundance of food. Hon Ko is an uninhabited off-shore island that is a hot spot for isolated but excellent diving.

Nudibranch Gardens is a gem of a diving spot in the north of Phu Quoc Island. You’ll find an abundance of nudibranchs and other small marine life here. Here you’ll find larch coral and rock formations where bamboo sharks are found in abundance. The ocean floor is covered with a vast number of beautiful Godiva Nudibranchs, which are a bright purple color. It’s an amazing sight for a diver to see on the ocean floor below.

Hon Trau Nam

A scuba diver swimming under water

A scuba diver swimming under water

Hon Trau Nam, or also called “Three Kings”, is a beautiful dive site on a bay named “Whale Island” which is found about 90 minutes north of Nha Trang, on the larger bay, Van Phong Bay.

Three Kings Island is the most amazing diving spot in Vietnam. Named for the three rock pinnacles that loom above the surface, these “Three Kings” are the foundation for the rich ecosystem that has formed below. The first thing you will notice when diving here is the burst of yellow, white and purple corals and gorgonians that cover the seabed below you. As a result the local marine life is amazing including the abundance of mantas, eagle and sting rays that you will see. This is one of the most spectacular of dive sites to be found in Southeast Asia.

Are you ready to go diving?

Vietnam visa on arrival desk in Da Nang city

Vietnam visa on arrival desk in Da Nang city

If you love to dive or even love the ocean, then Vietnam is just the place for you. Call your travel agent today and book an amazing trip to Vietnam. You will never be sorry you did.

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