Private dinner on the beach - Intercontinental Hotel Da Nang

Looking for the best restaurants in Danang? We got you covered! If you’re a first time traveler to Danang, it might be a confusing in the beginning because there’s so many options here! And it’s more stressful if you only have a limited amount of time – then you’ll want to go to the best

Winter in Southeast Asia is usually warm and mild, where you will have plenty of days where you can lay on the beach, preferably with a cocktail in your hand. But unfortunately, this is not possible everywhere in Southeast Asia. If you’re planning to travel in the north of Vietnam during the colder months, you

Beautiful scenic of Fansipan peak - highest mountain of Indochina

Are you tired of lying on the beach all day long or do you just want to get your blood pumping? Travel up north and visit Mount Fansipan, the tallest mountain in Vietnam. Mount Fansipan in Sapa offer visitors some of the most stunning views in Vietnam. Here you can hike with both locals and

Son Doong cave

Traveling to Vietnam means a vacation full of opportunities to see some incredible sites, sunbathe on the unspoilt white sand beaches, go shopping in the bustling cities, take a few days to go trekking and go explore the many caves of Vietnam. The country is blessed with some of the world’s most spectacular subterranean landscapes

Hoi An is a charming town located in the central part of Vietnam at the Quang Nam province. This UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its beautifully preserved ancient old buildings dating back to the 15th century. Thousands of tourists would flock to this beautiful town each year to admire its unique beauty. The

Many people travel abroad to escape the cold weather at home. They are looking for something exotic with tropical climate where they can lay on the beach all day long, happy to know they left the minus degrees at home. Traveling to Vietnam will definitely ensure you a warm vacation. However, the climate in Vietnam

A couple in love having fun on beautiful beach of Vietnam

Sometimes you want to be in the hustle and bustle of big cities and other times you just want to be somewhere secluded. Like an island. Luckily, Vietnam is home to many gorgeous islands where you can sit back and relax in the white sand beaches, swim in the crystal clear water and enjoy a

Peaceful Hoi An ancient town from high view

What is it that makes Hoi An so popular? Is it the beautiful architecture, the lanterns that light up at night, the atmosphere, or is it the food? It most probably is everything combined and more! And now you can add unique and picturesque cafés to the list of what makes Hoi An so popular.

Ho Chi Minh City (also HCMC) is situated in the south of Vietnam and is the country’s biggest city. This wonderful city is a mix of beauty, charm, craziness, traditional, cheap, expensive and quirky. Basically, it has a bit of everything. Perhaps this is why HCMC is a popular place for both expats and travellers

Vietnam is filled with famous sites spread out across the country, which attracts millions of visitors every year, both internationals and locals. Vietnam’s tourism has indeed boomed in the last years and the number of expats and digital nomads are growing too. If you are looking for a country where you can go hiking one

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