A tourist holds Japan passport and boarding pass

Are you thinking of traveling to Vietnam sometime in the near future? You aren’t alone! Most of the tourists that visit Vietnam are actually from Asia. Most of them come from China, Taiwan, South Korea and… You guessed it. Japan! Perhaps it is because it’s quite convenient and relatively close to go to Vietnam, or

Vietnam visa for Brazilian

Bem-vindo! We are happy to see that you are interested in traveling to Vietnam. Whether you are looking for beautiful sand beaches, good food, fascinating culture, hiking, trekking, getting immersed in bigger cities or you are just simply wanting a spontaneous vacation – you have come to the right place. Vietnam is one of the

Vietnam visa for British Citizen

If you are a British Citizen, you will be happy to hear that until June 30 2021, you can enter Vietnam for up to a maximum of 15 days (inclusive of dates of entry and exit) without a visa. However, if your nationality is ‘British national (overseas)’ you are required to get a visa before

Vietnam visa for Singaporean passport holder

Asia is such a diverse continent and there are so many beautiful countries to see. Whether you are from China, India, Singapore… you name it! There will always be the desire to see new countries, experience new cultures and try new food. These days more people than ever are traveling and it is getting easier

Cheerful tourist woman holding passport and ticket

Vietnam – a destination that many Swedes are well familiar with. Thailand has long dominated the travel scene in Southeast Asia, but Vietnam is not far behind. There is much to do and see in Vietnam – what you need is time. As a Swedish citizen, you can stay in the country visa free up

A tourist holding French passport at the international airport

We are so happy you have chosen to spend your leisure time in Vietnam. Whether you are here for vacation or for work, we guarantee you an unforgettable journey into one of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating countries. There is something here for everyone. Whether you are looking for mountains, beaches, cities, culture, good food… you

How to get a Vietnam visa if you are an Australian citizen

If you are an Australian citizen, you are required to apply for a visa. But don’t fret – it is getting a lot easier to apply for a visa these days and you can do it all from home. You just need your computer, passport number, bank account details, and that is basically it. Traveling

How to get a Vietnam Visa if you are a US Citizen

Getting visas always seem to be a bit tricky. There are forms to fill out, embassies to reach out to and information that you need to attain. But never before has it been easier to apply for visas than now. If you are a US citizen, you are required to apply for a visa. Luckily

A Traveler standing on top of a mountain and enjoying valley view in Ha Giang province of Vietnam

We are happy that you have decided to visit Vietnam. It is truly one of the most diverse and beautiful countries and you won’t regret staying here for more than 15 days. Since it is quite a big country, the distances tend to be long. Citizens from selected countries in EU can visit Vietnam for

I’m An American…How Do I Get a Visa For Vietnam? So, you’ve decided to go to Vietnam. That’s awesome, because Vietnam is an amazing country. Now that you’ve made the decision, it’s time to sort out the Vietnamese Tourist Visa. As an American, you are required to get one. If you attempt to enter Vietnam

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