Vietnam has quickly become one of the most famous travel destinations in the world and it’s not hard to see why so many people love it. It’s the perfect tropical getaway for those who wants good weather, great food and fantastic landscapes. Vietnam is also one of the most affordable countries to travel around in

Can I apply for Vietnam e-visa if I am citizens of The United States of America (USA)? Yes, citizens of The United States of America (USA) are eligible to apply for an electronic visa or Vietnam e-visa (30 days, single entry) From 01 Feb 2019, under Decision 17/2019/NĐ-CP of the Government of Vietnam, there are

How to get a Vietnam Visa if you are a US Citizen

Getting visas always seem to be a bit tricky. There are forms to fill out, embassies to reach out to and information that you need to attain. But never before has it been easier to apply for visas than now. If you are a US citizen, you are required to apply for a visa. Luckily

I’m An American…How Do I Get a Visa For Vietnam? So, you’ve decided to go to Vietnam. That’s awesome, because Vietnam is an amazing country. Now that you’ve made the decision, it’s time to sort out the Vietnamese Tourist Visa. As an American, you are required to get one. If you attempt to enter Vietnam

Happy couple holding passport at a hotel in Vietnam

Are you looking for the address of the embassy of Vietnam in Puerto Rico? We would like to inform that there is no embassy of Vietnam in Puerto Rico. How to get a visa for visiting Vietnam from Puerto Rico? Apply for an e-visa (30 days, single entry) Get visa on arrival with the visa approval letter from

Are you looking for the address of the embassy and consulate of Vietnam in the United States (USA)? Please see below for the address of the embassy and consulates of Vietnam in the United States (USA): Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Washington DC, the United States of America (USA) Address: 1233 20th