Vietnam visa for Danish passport holders

Scandinavians have long been attracted to Southeast Asia. Could it be because of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio “The Beach” that made Thailand so popular? Is it the Island “Koh Rong” in Cambodia that made Scandinavians crazy about this part of the world? There isn’t really a definite answer to any of these questions, but

Vietnam visa for Austrian passport holder

The harsh European winter is one of the many reasons why people travel abroad – why stay at home when you can enjoy your time in an exotic island, try new food, lay on a beach, enjoy the warm weather and get to know a new culture. If you are from Europe, I am sure

Vietnam visa for Argentine passport holder

Hola! So, you are ready to travel across the world and see a new country, experience a new culture and try some delicious cuisine? You have chosen a great country to travel to. There are many reasons why tourism has risen lately and the popularity doesn’t seem to stop. Quite the contrary – more and

Vietnam visa for Dutch passport holder

If you are considering if you should travel to Vietnam or not, the answer is really simple. Why on earth wouldn’t you come here? Do as many other Europeans and travel to the exotic and warm country of Vietnam. Whether you are just tired of the harsh winter in Europe or your curiosity has been

Vietnam visa for Russian passport holder

In later years, Vietnam has seen an increase in tourism. People from all over the world are discovering this country in Southeast Asia and Russians have long been drawn to Vietnam. In fact, in 2016 there were 450,000 Russian tourists in the country. Nha Trang, the beautiful beach city, is especially favorable amongst Russians. You

Vietnam visa for Indian passport holder

More and more tourists are finding their way to Vietnam and the popularity of the country doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Foreigners from everywhere in the world are being charmed by this Southeastern country, and recently there has been a huge crowd from India that has found their way here. In fact, Vietnam is

Vietnam visa for Mexican passport holder

There’s a lot of things that Mexico and Vietnam has in common – great food, warm climate, kind people and fascinating culture. But why then would you travel to a different country if you have everything at home? Well… Probably because it is impossible to have everything at home. Also, us humans are curious by

Vietnam visa for Israeli passport holder

Shalom! We are very happy to see that you are interested in traveling to Vietnam. Lately there’s been a huge tourist boom in the country and many citizens from Israel have found their way to this popular Southeast Asian gem. It is no surprise that Israelis love to travel and there are not many places

Vietnam visa for Taiwanese passport holders

It is time for you to start planning your trip to Vietnam. You have packed everything, read about the country and planned what you want to do and see – but have you forgotten about the visa situation? I heard about Vietnam e-visa. Can I apply for Vietnam e-visa if I am citizens of Taiwan?

Vietnam visa for New Zealand passport holder

So, you are also one of the curious ones who wants to travel to Vietnam? You are definitely not the first and not the last. Vietnam has become a very popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, and it seems like the popularity is just continuing to rise. You may be wondering

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