Two days in the capital of Vietnam allows you to capture a glimpse of the bustling and frantic city. Known for its rich culture, old French-inspired architecture and winding streets, Hanoi is a beautiful place with much to offer visitors. With only 48 hours to immerse yourself into local culture, here’s a two-day itinerary to

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a diverse culture and incredible natural highlights. At over 1000 miles long, the Southeast Asian country is known for its history, traditions and varying landscape. From the mountainous landscapes in Sapa in the north to the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh in the south, Vietnam is a vast

  Located in central Vietnam on the bank of the Perfume River, Hue was home to the Nguyen Dynasty emperors from 1802 for over 100 years. Despite many of its glorious buildings being destroyed during the American War, Hue still remains a popular tourist destination. Getting there The airport closest to Hue only serves domestic

Do you only have a limited amount of time in Vietnam and don’t really know where to go, which place to choose and what to see? Well… I had the same problem. Which areas attracted me the most? What would take me the least amount of time on transportation? The answer is… it all depends

Most of you have probably heard of the wonderful and magnificent cuisine in Vietnam. It is tasty, rich in flavour and quite healthy. The food itself a big factor to why anyone should travel to Vietnam. But how about for us vegetarians? Is it difficult or easy for us to find good vegetarian food? Before

Traveling in your own home country is a special feeling – it’s your home, yet it’s… not. My parents moved to Sweden when I was only a baby, and ever since then I’ve identified myself as a Swedish girl. Occasionally, me and my family traveled home to the north of Vietnam and stayed with our

If you’re traveling to Vietnam for the first time, it’s important that you come prepared. While Vietnam is a totally safe country to visit, it can be a bit tricky to explore. These traveling tips can help anyone to achieve a safe and worry-free travel experience to the county. Entry Requirements for Vietnam Vietnam’s visa

Officially named as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the country is located in Southeast Asia. It has China at its north, Cambodia, and Laos to its west. The country is known for its spellbound natural beauty and dynamic culture, which has been practiced for years. Tourism in Vietnam has increased considerably in recent years, making

Vietnam is a beautiful country with plenty of scenic geographical landscapes, plenty of historical and cultural attractions, fascinating sights that range from ancient temples to floating markets and most importantly very delicious cuisines. For any fun seeking tourist, Vietnam is a place to visit. With all these fun things to see and do in Vietnam,

When it comes to backpacking in Southeast Asia, there is no place that compares to Vietnam in the region. The country features a vibrant atmosphere, friendly locals, delicious local cuisine, unique culture, rich history, you name it. Equally impressive is the fact that each city has its own unique feature. Regardless of the number of

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