Vietnam is a favorite destination among backpackers. For one, it’s a gorgeous country with so many things to offer. Moreover, Vietnam is a super-budget destination, and with only a few hundred dollars in your pocket, you could explore a lot of Vietnam’s amazing destinations. However, Vietnam can also be overwhelming especially for first-timers to the

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Are you backpacking in Vietnam soon? If so, then you’re making the right decision. With striking nature landscapes, long stretches of gorgeous coastlines, cheap accommodation, and vibrant local culture, Vietnam is definitely a perfect backpacker destination. Visa Entry To Vietnam First of all, you would be glad to know that visa entry to Vietnam is

Vietnam is definitely one of the most spectacular travel destinations in Asia. With scenic mountain views, stunning rivers and seas, not to mention delicious food and coffee, it’s no wonder why Vietnam is one of the most visited countries in the Asian region. There are so many things to see in Vietnam, but if your

Vietnam is an interesting country to visit. It’s packed with history and surrounded by stunning landscapes. Above all, the country is cheap and easy to navigate around. However, if you don’t come prepared, your travel to Vietnam may not end up a pleasant experience. So I’m sharing these tips in order to have a hassle-free

There are a ton of reasons why people choose to travel abroad – maybe it’s to get away from your daily routines, the lack of sunshine in your country, the desire to see something different or just a curiosity for another country. Either way, traveling should always be enjoyable and fun. When I came to

Are you from a cold and grey country, looking to escape work and relax on the beach? Come to Vietnam! Not only is the climate always nice and warm, we always have some of the best beaches in the world. Vietnam is a very diverse country with a beach-filled coastline. Whether you are looking for

Welcome to Hoi An! The small city that everyone raves about and spends way too much money and time in. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once you step your foot inside the city, you will know why. Wander around this fascinating city and see temples, old Buddhist pagodas, colonial shophouses and

The beach resort town of Mui Ne stretches along 12km of coast and can be found in Southeast Vietnam. It’s almost impossible to get lost in the small town, the main strip consists of one main road filled with resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars. Originally a fishing town, Mui Ne has been transformed over the

Vietnam Off the beaten path

Vietnam has been blessed with an abundance of gorgeous and unique natural areas. Thankfully, the people of Vietnam understand how special their country is and have been working hard for decades to protect its most sacred treasures. It all started in the 1980s when Vietnam declared seven National Parks, 53 protected Nature Reserves and 31

Do you only have limited time in Hanoi and want to make the best out of it? I’ve been there, done that as well. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time in a city, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best out of it. Hanoi is a bustling city full of sights

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