June 3, 2018
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Hoi An – the most romantic city in all of South East Asia

Hoi An “Often called the most romantic city in all of South East Asia”

Magical best describes the ancient city of Hoi An.   Located on the East Vietnam Sea, half way between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, it is a favorite destination of international tourists of all ages from around the globe.

Declared by UNESCO a world heritage site in 1999.   It is most famous as a well preserved example of a southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries. The “old town” area is therefore extremely well preserved—projecting the wondrous spectator and feeling of what life must have been like hundreds of years ago during the height of it’s busy trading era.

Colourful lanterns lighting in Hoi An

Colourful lanterns lighting in Hoi An

The authenticity is striking throughout.  The preservation of these ancient buildings is most evident wether shopping in the central market or just walking on the many streets which wind their way between canals through the old town district.  Not only are the buildings painted in the original colors but every street is decorated with Hoi An’s own world renowned silk lanterns artfully hanging between buildings across the many  small picturesque streets.  Since cars and motor bikes are not permitted, the atmosphere is most relaxing and conducive to imaging how life really was 500 years ago.

The Hoi An area is a special place for travel wise tourists to visit.  So much to do and so little time to do it.   So many different activities to enjoy with something for the taste and interest  of every  type of traveler—from shopping to dining to beaching to touring—all to be had just a few short steps outside your own hotel room.

Hoi An is best known for its mixed feel:  Part of the allure of the laid back, hippy like atmosphere, while also being a classy sort of place with fancy stores, elegant bistros and quaint cafes.  It is one of those unusual places where you can see both budget and sophisticated travelers comfortably mixing together.

Night Market of Hoi An

Night Market of Hoi An

The riverfront is where most of the out-of-town visitors like to hangout for drinks or dinner in the evening.  Here they enjoy the old style ambiance of Hoi An with the colorful lanterns and small floating candles reflecting on the water thus creating a magical atmosphere which turns a simple meal or friendly conversation over drinks into an extraordinary moment.

Shopping for custom clothes is one of the favorite pass times of many visitors.  In fact they some come here just for this reason alone.  Featuring some of the most skilled tailors in all of Southeast Asia shoppers can find a large assortment of shops offering custom suits, jackets, shoes shirts and dresses.  Prices are surprisingly low and an order placed today can be ready for delivery as soon as tomorrow.

Hoi An is also famous for some of the best Vietnamese cuisine to be found anywhere in Vietnam.  Featuring famous 5 star restaurants down to a wide assortment of inexpensive street food vendors served all hours of the day and night.  Whatever your taste or budget you can find exactly what you are looking for.  Delicious specialty items originally created in Hoi An can be found by that particular tourist who takes the time to search them out.

Another popular activity is to attend one of the many Vietnamese cooking schools found throughout the city.  Famous schools offering a variety of courses can be found for the most serious of students.  Or you may find more casual classes offered inexpensively by the individual restaurants scattered around the city.

Hoi An is considered a prime destination not only for the Ancient City but also because of it’s close proximity to two amazing beaches on the East Vietnam Sea.   Here again Hoi An offers the visitor the best of two worlds.


Woman relaxing at the beach in Hoi An Vietnam

Woman relaxing at the beach in Hoi An Vietnam

Sun bathing and swimming activities are readily available along the two beautiful sparkling clean beaches found just minutes away by taxi or bicycle.  Connected beaches Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach stretch together over 10km of the most beautiful beach front to be seen anywhere in all of Southeast Asia.  Soft white sand melts into clear deep blue, bath like water which offers a variety of amazingly surf-able waves.

Activities ranging from wave runners to paragliding  are available  to the outdoor enthusiasts.

A wide variety of hotels are available to meet the needs of every type of traveler.   Accommodations from Five Star Resorts to simple seaside bungalows can be found along this 10km stretch of beach.   Whatever the traveler’s desire it can be accommodated—“your wish is our command”.

The selection of hotel accommodations is only surpassed by the amazing variety of restaurants to be found along the beach.  Everything from the most sophisticated Five Star hotel restaurants to the seaside outdoor cooking stand.   Your taste and budget will be more than satisfied.

Peddle around Old Town Hoi An

In addition to all these great activities the discerning traveler with extra days on their schedule will find a number of interesting day trips which can be quickly arranged at any of the many local travel agencies scattered throughout the city.  Tours ranging from a few hours to a couple of days are available to the willing traveler catering to a variety of interests.

So are you ready to experience the wonder of Vietnam and Hoi An in particular?  If so, first go on line today or call your favorite travel agent to book one of the most amazing adventures of your entire life.

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Now is the time—don’t wait another minute.  Vietnam is waiting to show you the best holiday of you life!!!

Vietnam visa on arrival office in Da Nang Int'l Airport

Vietnam visa on arrival office in Da Nang Int’l Airport


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