Welcome to Hoi An! The small city that everyone raves about and spends way too much money and time in. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once you step your foot inside the city, you will know why. Wander around this fascinating city and see temples, old Buddhist pagodas, colonial shophouses and

Do you only have limited time in Hanoi and want to make the best out of it? I’ve been there, done that as well. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time in a city, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best out of it. Hanoi is a bustling city full of sights

Are you thinking about traveling to Vietnam? You’re not the only one. Vietnam has been a popular destination for many years now, attracting people from all over the world who wants to experience the Eastern charm. From young backpackers to seniors, they’re all looking to discover this fascinating country – you can be one of

Many of you guys who are reading our articles are probably going to Vietnam or are at least thinking about it. And many of you are probably female solo travelers. Many of you guys are probably wondering; is it safe to travel in Vietnam as a female solo traveler? According to me, the answer is:

Do you only have a limited amount of time in Vietnam and don’t really know where to go, which place to choose and what to see? Well… I had the same problem. Which areas attracted me the most? What would take me the least amount of time on transportation? The answer is… it all depends

Most of you have probably heard of the wonderful and magnificent cuisine in Vietnam. It is tasty, rich in flavour and quite healthy. The food itself a big factor to why anyone should travel to Vietnam. But how about for us vegetarians? Is it difficult or easy for us to find good vegetarian food? Before

Traveling in your own home country is a special feeling – it’s your home, yet it’s… not. My parents moved to Sweden when I was only a baby, and ever since then I’ve identified myself as a Swedish girl. Occasionally, me and my family traveled home to the north of Vietnam and stayed with our

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