A tourist on the terrace of dreams. Vietnam

Hotels, hostels and smaller AirBnBs are great when you’re flying solo or traveling with only one or two others. But what about when you’re traveling with a larger group, say 5 or more? AirBnB to the rescue. Yes, when you have 5 or more in your party, the AirBnB inventory of accommodations is the place

A couple search for an AirBnB for theie trip to Hanoi

AirBnB is the best travel tool available today. It’s now the proven and smart way to travel. When you use the AirBnB travel service you can find rooms, apartments and entire homes for rent almost anywhere in the World that you want to go. You can rent the place of your choice for a night

Six Senses Resort Con Dao Island - Deck with the beach

People say that paradise is where you find it. Guests who visit the Six Senses Resort on Con Dao Island believe that they have just found that paradise. The property is gorgeous—built with amazing attention to every detail on a private tropical beach which has no equal. This luxury resort is modeled after a quaint

Night rainbow view of The Reverie Saigon

If you like comfort with style, you will LOVE The Reverie Saigon Hotel. If you are an admirer of the French Palace Versailles you will be a lover of The Reverie Saigon Hotel. This is a one-of-a-kind big city hotel, offering a truly one-of-a-kind big city hotel experience. The Reverie opened in 2015 as the

Banyan Tree Lang Co - The Perfect Escape in Central Vietnam

Banyan Tree Lang Co luxury resort is the ideal place just waiting for those who want to escape the crazy crowds and motor scooters of Hanoi, Saigon and Danang. Set along the coast of the East Vietnam Sea next to the rugged Truong Son mountains it is the picture-perfect destination for those seeking rest and

The Intercontinental Hotel, Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Considered by many experts to be the finest hotel, not only in Vietnam but in all of South East Asia and even the entire world. The Intercontinental Hotel on Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula is truly a fabulous resort by anyone’s standards. Offering a total of 200 luxury accommodations including a well-blended mix of classic

Classy woman on the beach in Vietnam

The beautiful beaches of Vietnam offer some of the world’s most prime locations for luxury hotels and resorts. Many of the world’s top chains are represented with an amazing oceanside location in Vietnam. The competition for the top three luxury beach hotels is intense and in many ways merely a matter of the individual preference

A corner of Hai Phong city with Flame Thrower trees showing off their beautiful red blossoms

Located 100km south of Hanoi, this large industrial northern city awaits the tourist with some unexpected pleasant surprises. The weary traveler who’s looking for a good place to take a much needed break from their busy schedule may have just found the perfect place for just such a rest. Interestingly enough Hai Phong is a

Hanoi Opera House in Hanoi city, Vietnam

Hanoi, located in north Vietnam on the banks of the Red River, is the perfect city to explore on foot. An ancient capital filled with well preserved colonial era buildings, ancient pagodas and fabulous museums. Famous for its delectable cuisines readily available both on the streets and inside the many restaurants. Hanoi is a multicultural

The temple of the Jade Mountain in Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is considered by many to be the Paris of the east—one of the world’s most unique and exciting places to visit. As the capital of Vietnam and home to over ten million citizens this is a city which quickly captures the imagination of the thousands of visitors who arrive here every year. The city

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