Photo Guidelines
A recently taken photo is required for uploading on evisa online form
Use for attaching on the entry / exit form for getting visa on arrival.

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A copy of passport page which contain personal data.
Passport must be valid for at least six-months prior the entry date to Vietnam.
In case of dual citizenship, please choose the passport which you will use for travelling to Vietnam.
Sample front passport for apply Vietnam visa

Names should be written in Latin Characters Or English.
Instead letters like Ã, Ö, â, ç, ğ, ñ, ü, ş please use A, O, a, c, g, n, u, s.

Please note: English and Vietnamese are used in the visa.

Zhang Dong
We respect your privacy and image rights.
We do not give away or sell your photo & passport copy to anyone.
We never use your images & passport copy in advertising or any other marketing activity.